Extended sample pipetting possibilities with an integrated linear spacing mechanism

Every laboratory knows sample splitting and dilution can be a huge time expense for laboratories.

To remedy this, we have integrated a linear spacing mechanism on our SP2000 robot platform, which is perfect for a number of sample prep applications. This mechanism could be a time-saver for your laboratory, whilst also bringing uniformity by accurate and consistent pipetting. 

Multiple pick-up needles can be mounted on this mechanism for pick up of samples from original sample bottles and dispensing into analysis tubs/vials of various sizes. The ability to go from large to small containers on a single platform leads to a huge reduction in footprint.

Extra needles for simultaneous dilution of samples and/or dosing of additional reagents required for the analysis can be combined on this same linear spacing mechanism.

Which applications can you think of that could benefit from such automation? Please contact us to let us know.