Skalar launches the most flexible Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) analyzer available today.

With this new BOD analyzer, we offer a modular and advanced sample handling system providing you with the tools you need to automate the BOD analysis in your environmental laboratory.

The platform is designed to fit your exact laboratory requirements with respect to sample throughput, level of automation, sample capacity etc.

To illustrate the high degree of flexibility we will name some of the new features:

The analyzer is modular,  from 1 up to 8 sample trays, representing 18 - 144 BOD bottles in one batch. So any requirement  on sample number can be fulfilled and additionally a platform can for example be expanded when sample numbers  increase in the future.

User-defined degree of automation possible such as automatic sample dilution, capping/de-capping, addition of  reagents etc.

The instrument can be built with a second robotic arm giving a total of 8 independently movable manipulators.  With this second arm it is for instance possible to increase the sample throughput by using multiple oxygen probes or to perform additional tasks  such as automatic sample pippetting into the BOD bottles or pH measurement.

Protective front and side cover complying with CE regulations. Also a completely closed cover is possible for automatic incubation purposes.

Other Available Robotic applications:

  • pH, Conductivitiy (EC), Alkalinity 
  • Carbonate/Bicarbonate and other titrations
  • Turbidity and Color
  • Ion Selective Electrodes (ISE)
  • Particle size distribution analysis in soil
  • COD according to ISO 6060
  • Automated test kit applications such as the  sealed tube COD(ST-COD) test according to ISO 15705, Total Phosphate, Total Nitrogen and others
  • Automatic weighing and filtration of the sample
  • Automatic sample pipetting

Combinations of the above analyses or custom-made applications are also possible, please do not hesitate to contact Skalar for more information

Skalar BOD analyzer movie