Sub ppb detection levels for Total Phenol analysis on the San++

Skalar's most recent development is the implementation of a new type of flow cell in the San++ which increases the sensitivity for the automated procedure of Phenol analysis considerably.

Extremely low concentrations of a.o. Total Phenol in all kinds of aqueous samples can be measured. This increased sensitivity is achieved due to the flow cell having an optical pathlength of 100 cm.

Skalar's procedure for Total Phenol analysis is in accordance with ISO method 14402, determination of phenol index (without extraction) after distillation. The colorimetric principle is based on a reaction with 4-amino-2,3-dimethyl-1-phenyl-3-pyrazolin-5-one forming yellow condensation products which are measured at 505 nm.

Typical performance data and analysis results of Skalar's Total Phenol application on the San++ analyzer using the new type of flow cell can be found in the table and graphs below.

Application performance
San++ analysis data Total Phenols
Ranges 0.2 - 20 µg/l
Minimum Detection Limit (MDL) 0.119 µg/l
RSD (%) 0.001%
Regression (r) 0.99995


Calibration line results for the range up to 20 µg/l
ResultID Position SampleType SampleIdentity Phenol-Results (µg/l)
0 IW IW InitialWash -0.01
1  A12 T Trace 1 9.62
2 WI WI WashIgnore 0.64
3 A1 S1 0.00 µg Phenol/L 0.03
4 A2 S2 0.25 µg Phenol/L 0.32
5 A3 S3 0.50 µg Phenol/L 0.50
6 A4 S4 1.00 µg Phenol/L 0.90
7 A5 S5 2.00 µg Phenol/L 1.94
8 A6 S6 4.00 µg Phenol/L 3.94
9 A7 S7 6.00 µg Phenol/L 6.09
10 A8 S8 10.00 µg Phenol/L 9.96
11 A9 S9 12.50 µg Phenol/L 12.60
12 A10 S10 15.00 µg Phenol/L 15.03
13 A11 S11 17.50 µg Phenol/L 17.54
14 A12 S12 20.00 µg Phenol/L 19.90
15 A11 D Drift 17.49
16 WT W Wash 0.01


Total Phenol calibration (up to 20 µg/l)

Total Phenol calibration (0.1 - 20 ug/L)











Total Phenol calibration curve (up to 20 µg/l)

Total Phenol calibration curve (0.1 - 20 ug/L)











Skalar's San++ continuous flow analyzer is the ultimate solution for determining highly accurate extremely low levels of phenol and other parameters in large sample series at a high analysis frequency.

If you require more information on this Total Phenol application or other Skalar analyzers & applications, please do not hesitate to contact us.