Upcoming exhibitions

As an international company Skalar attends a number of major exhibitions around the world. We will be pleased to meet you and demonstrate Skalar's latest innovations in wet chemistry automation, TOC & TN and Robotic analyzers at one of the following exhibitions:

Eurolab March 9-11

Booth No. E7,Warsaw, Poland, www.mttargi.pl

On display will be Skalar's San++continuous flow analyzer and the SP10 robotic analyzer configured for BOD analysis.

Pittcon March 13-18

Booth No. 1861, Atlanta, Georgia, USA, www.pittcon.org

The following products will be displayed:

  • BluVisionTMdiscrete analyzer for automation of basic colorimetric analyses, handling all kind of sample matrices.
  • CFA designated for Kelada Cyanide analysis (EPA approved) and one for Total Phenol, Total Phosphate and Total Nitrogen analysis (incl. automated distillation and digestion).
  • SP10 robotic analyzer for the cost effective analysis of st-COD according to ISO 15705 and EPA 410.4 and a SP10 for automatic BOD analysis.
  • PrimacsSLC Liquid/Solid Carbon Analyzer and also the PrimacsSN Solid Total Nitrogen/Protein analyzer.
  • FormacsHT/TN TOC/TN analyzer with a stand-alone auto sampler and additional Nitrogen detector.

ChemBio March 22-24

Booth No. 6e64, Helsinki, Finland, www.chembiofinland.fi

The FormacsHT and autosampler, San++ configured for Total CN and permanganate value (CODMn) analysis and a SP50 pH/EC are demonstrated.

Laborama March 24-25

Booth no. 2-D2, Groot Bijgaarden, Belgie, www.laborama.be/

The following chemistry automation products are showed BluVisionTM, San++, SP10Robotic analyzer configured for st-COD and FormacsHT/TN TOC analyzer with additional Nitrogen detector.