Fertilizer Analysis with the Skalar SAN++ Continues Flow Analyzer

NPK (Nitrate, Ammonia, Phosphorus, Potassium) , Urea and Total Nitrogen

Due to the high prices of raw materials for fertilizer production, precision and accuracy is essential in the production process of fertilizer. Accurate analyses allow the fertilizer manufacturer to fine-tune his production process and saving costs on raw materials. The automation of fertilizer analysis on the Skalar SAN++ analyzer offers high accuracy results and consequently a significant decrease of the production costs.

The SAN++ Fertilizer Analyzer is based upon automatic wet-chemistry analysis. A wide variety of applications can be integrated. The well-proven analytical methods are based upon international standards such as AOAC. The flexible concept of the SAN++ analyzer allows the simultaneous analysis of several parameters out of one sample. Typical parameters are Ammonia, Nitrate, Phosphorus, Potassium, Urea, Total Nitrogen and many more.

SAN++ Fertilizer Analyzer

The SAN++ Fertilizer Analyzer has a robust design fitting perfectly in a fertilizer production environment. A range of random access auto samplers is available for the analysis of 40 up to 300 samples per batch, which covers the requirements of laboratories with smaller as well as larger sample numbers. The highly sensitive digital detectors use the bubble-through flowcell principle which provides high sample throughput and short sample turn-around times.

During the analysis, the results of all parameters are simultaneously displayed, including calibration curves and statistical evaluations. After calibration the analyzer can be set to "standby". As soon as (priority) samples arrive at the laboratory, they can be analyzed immediately. At all times the results can be accessed during the run and forwarded to production to guarantee optimum quality control on the fertilizer production process.


To be able to balance the use of raw materials in the fertilizer production process the accuracy and precision of the analytical results is very important, as this allows precise dosing of the raw materials without making concessions towards the quality of the final product. Above-mentioned table shows the reproducibility data obtained with the Skalar SAN++ Fertilizer Analyzer which illustrates a high precision and accuracy. In practice, a 0.2 % improvement on the relative standard deviation can save up to hundreds of thousands US$ per year in production costs and in some cases even over a million. These cost savings can be obtained by implementation of the Skalar SAN++ analyzer in the fertilizer production process.

High accuracy, high sample throughput and fast turn-around times are keywords in fertilizer analysis. The flexible and reliable concept of the Skalar SAN++ Fertilizer Analyzer offers the perfect solution to achieve these goals. In combination with a high degree of automation, the analyzer provides economical solutions for small sample sizes as well as for busy laboratories which require analysis 24 hours a day.

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