Fully automated EPA approved Kelada-01 Total Cyanide Method on the Skalar San++

Skalar is continuously developing and integrating new automated applications for the San++ Continuous Flow Analyzer. Skalar’s most recent development is the implementation of the Kelada-01 (EPA) method for the determination of total cyanide, acid dissociable cyanide and thiocyanate. Determination of cyanide is regulated by ISO and EPA standards.

Wine Analyzer

ISO standard:
The ISO 14403 method describes the determination of total cyanide and free cyanide in various types of water. Skalar offers the complete system to perform cyanide determination according ISO14403. This method is based on UV digestion using a borosilicate irradiation coil and UV light source. In this way Total Cyanide is determined and break-down of thiocyanate is excluded. Free Cyanide can also be determined on the same module set-up by switching-off the UV-lamp. Thiocyanate can be analyzed simultaneously using a specific chemistry module.

EPA Standard:
The Kelada-01 method provides the determination of total cyanide, acid dissociable cyanide and thiocyanate in various types of water, using UV digestion and distillation in one reactor set-up. Kelada-01 is approved and adapted in the Federal Register, EPA 40 CFR Parts 122 & 136.

Total Cyanide - Under irradiation in a quartz coil, strongly-bound complex cyanides break down into free cyanide,
which is separated from the sample matrix by distillation. Quartz is transparent to the full range of UV wavelengths, 200 to 400 nm and allows for the breakdown of the strong metal cyanide complexes as well as thiocyanate.
Acid Dissociable Cyanide - This test method basically determines free cyanides as CN and HCN, and weak
metal-cyano-complexes. By blocking UV-irradiation, acid dissociable cyanide complexes are broken down and determined.
Thiocyanate - The method to determine thiocyanate is performed as the previous total cyanide test, however
the quartz coil is replaced by a borosilicate coil. Borosilicate glass filters out a major portion of the UV irradiation and transmits only the wavelengths longer than 290 nm which at alkaline pH can break down all the strong cyanide complexes, but not thiocyanate. The thiocyanate is then determined by calculating the difference between the measurement that includes total cyanide plus thiocyanate and the value of total cyanide without thiocyanate: thiocyanate = [total CN+thiocyanate] – [total CN-thiocyanate].

For both ISO and EPA regulatory methods Skalar can now offer a fully automated system for determination of cyanide species.By automating the complete test procedure from sampling to result, including automated UV-digestion and distillation the sample throughput is increased significantly for cyanide analysis.

Further features:

  • Both ISO and EPA methods require little or no manual sample pre-treatment
  • The entire tests are performed on-line, 25-30 samples per hour
  • Kelada-01 method is licensed to be used only on the Skalar San++ analyzer

With the EPA approved Kelada-01 and the ISO14403 methods Skalar completes its range of total CN methodologies in accordance with international standardized regulations.

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