New SA1100 sampler and SA1150 sampler

SAN++ SA1150a samplerTo increase the flexibility to our customers, Skalar Analytical has designed a new sampler for the SAN++ Continuous Flow Analyzers. The sampler offers an increased convenience and additional features for small to medium sized sample batches. The sampler is Random Access, as are all other existing Skalar samplers, which allows users to freely define sample positions and sampling order. When priority samples need to be analyzed, they can easily be inserted into the work list. During operation, status indication of the sampler is provided by LED indication. The end of the analysis is indicated by audiovisual alarms.

The auto-sampler has a standard capacity of 50 sampling positions. The capacity can be extended to 100 sampling positions. an optional cup plate of 80 sampling positions and 10 separate standard positions can be used when separate larger capacity standard positions are preferred.

Cup plates

Manual Control

SA1100In addition to the SA1100 sampler, Skalar designed the SA1150 Random Access auto-sampler. This auto-sampler has a similar configuration to the SA1100 sampler but can be controlled by the software and manually by an integrated soft keypad. The settings of sampling time, wash time and airtime can be manually defined with up to 4 digits displayed on the integrated LCD

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