Looking back at the Analytica 2008

We are looking back at a successful and enjoyable "Analytica 2008" exhibition, which was held from April 1st to 4th at the "Messe München International" in Munich - Germany. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has visited our booth and we are looking forward to seeing you again in the near future.

We have exhibited our complete range of automatic laboratory and on-line process analyzers for the environmental and industrial field. We are happy to see that we have had positive feedback on our new model FormacsHT TOC/TN Analyzer and our new "mid-size"SP50 Robotic Analyzer, which were introduced during the exhibition.

Formacs HT TOC/TN AnalyzerThe FormacsHT TOC/TN analyzer can be operated as a stand-alone analyzer or for larger sample numbers with an optional random access auto-sampler for complete automation of the TOC and TN determination.

SP50 Robotic AnalyzerBased on Skalar's successful Robotic Analyzers platform, Skalar has extended the line of Robotic Analyzers with the new Skalar SP50 Robotic Analyzer for laboratories running medium to high sample numbers each day. Besides the automation of BOD, a variety of other applications can be automated on the SP50 Robotic Analyzer such as pH, EC, Turbidity, Color, ISE, alkalinity and others.

The SAN++ Continuous Flow Analyzer provides complete automation for basic colorimetric applications and complex parameters such as Phenol, Total Cyanide, Total N &P including automatic sample pretreatment steps such as distillation and digestion.

The PrimacsSERIES High Temperature Combustion Analyzers for accurate and reliable determination of Carbon and Nitrogen in a wide variety of samples such as food, soil, plant, grains and others. They have been designed to meet all laboratory requirements and international regulations.

The FluoImager is a unique tool for fast and non-destructive analysis for compounds such as Oils & Fuels, PAH’s, Phenols and Biological pigments in water. The sample is analyzed without the need for extensive sample pretreatment procedures and the result is provided within approximately 3 minutes.

The ToxTracer provides a quick screening method for detecting toxicants in aqueous samples based on the inhibitory effect of toxic compounds on the light emission of bacteria.

For accurate monitoring of various processes and sample streams, Skalar has designed the SA9000 and OPA2000 On-Line Process Ananlyzers, operating in either continuous mode or in batch mode. A range of applications can be offered such as a variety of nutrients as well as complex Total Cyanide, Total Nitrogen and Total Phosphorus.

For more information on "Analytica 2008" please follow http://www.analytica.de/

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