Skalar Automates Complex Analytical Procedure

A global pharmaceutical company contacted Skalar with a request to automate the analysis of citrate in protein containing samples. The following reasons justified the automation of this typical application:

- Precise Standardization: automation will make the analytical procedure precisely standardized by removing human variables
- Higher Reproducibility: variation between results will be minimized
- Improved Quality Assurance: automation of analysis will improve the quality control of the production process by enabling more samples per batch to analyzed
- Higher Sample Throughput: automation will enable the laboratory to cope with the increased sample load coming from the production facilities
- Saving in Costs and Time

Skalar was selected for the project because of its flexibility and readiness to develop a tailor made analytical procedure.

In the original manual method the sample pre-treatment was laborious and time consuming.
Prior to the photometric determination the samples had to be de-proteinied by precipitation and centrifugation.
The whole manual procedure consisted of 13 steps which were reduced to only 1 single step by
adapting the whole analysis procedure on the Skalar San++ analyzer.

Tedious manual sample pre-treatment procedures such as precipitation and centrifugation as well as the photometric determination were completely automated using the Skalar San++ analyzer. Typical data can be found in figures 1 & 2 below.

Figure 1: Typical calibration curve

Figure 2: Reproducibility and MDL testing

The Skalar automated procedure not only saves time & costs, but the Skalar Continuous Flow Analysis technology makes it possible that all samples and standards are treated exactly the same way for exactly the same time. This results in a better reproducibility compared to the manual method where the timing can always slightly vary from sample to sample. Data transfer from the photometer to the computer and the subsequent evaluation is done automatically thus preventing any typing mistake. The whole system is compliant with the 21 CFR Part 11 of the US FDA.

The Skalar San++ continuous flow technology is a flexible technology to automate manual sample handling steps to automate colorimetric analysis. Prior to the automated photometrical procedure the samples can be e.g. automatically distilled, dialyzed, extracted, digested, extracted through columns for ion exchange or reduction.

Do you have a tedious analytical procedure that is required to be performed on a series of samples?

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