Skalar Cyanide Analyzer with amperometric detection

For many years Skalar provides a complete solution for Total Cyanide analysis according ISO and EPA regulations. This includes in-line digestion and distillation. Recently Skalar has integrated the method to analyze Available Cyanide in water and waste water according to the EPA 1677 with amperometric detection.

San++ Automated Wet Chemistry Analyzer

Integrated Amperometrical Detector
Integrated Amperometrical Detector

The samples are treated with a ligand exchange solution to liberate available cyanide, where after they are introduced to the Skalar SAN++ Automated Wet-Chemistry Analyzer. On the analyzer, the sample is automatically acidified. The formed HCN diffuses through a membrane into an alkaline recipient stream where it is converted back into the cyanide ion. The cyanide ion is measured amperometrically.

The method has been calibrated up to 500 µg/L and has correlation of 0.99992. The typical MDL is 0.5 µg/L.

If you require more information regarding the analysis of cyanide, do not hesitate to contact us.