Skalar introduces the SP50 Robotic Analyzer

For many years the Skalar Robotic Analyzers are used in environmental laboratories to automate a variety of applications such as BOD, COD, pH, Conductivity, alkalinity, ISE and others. The concept of the Skalar SP10, SP100 and SP1000 Robotic Analyzers has proven to be a reliable and accurate “workhorse” in day-to-day operation. Based on this successful concept, Skalar has now extended the line of Robotic Analyzers with the Skalar SP50 Analyzer for laboratories running medium to high sample numbers each day.

For the BOD application the SP50 Robotic Analyzer accommodates 54 bottles, divided over 3 separate racks of 18 bottles each. The SP50 offers a complete “walk-away” automated BOD concept, including automatic addition of dilution water to the BOD bottles and automatic addition of nitrification inhibitor (ATU). Furthermore the SP50 analyzer can also be equipped with a second oxygen probe for increased sample throughput by analyzing two samples simultaneously.

The software of the SP50 Robotic Analyzer has a modular structure allowing customer specific method definitions and adaptations in case required. Furthermore the automated BOD concept on the SP50 analyzer is in compliance with all (inter)national regulations such as EN1899-1/2, Standard Methods 5210B, DIN 38 409 etc. as well as customer specific methods.

Besides the automation of BOD, a variety of other applications can be automated on the SP50 Robotic Analyzer such as pH, EC, Turbidity, Color, ISE, alkalinity and others. The SP50 completes the Skalar line of Robotic Analyzers, which offers our customers now a choice of flexible automation solutions for BOD and other parameters.

For more information on the Skalar Robotic Analyzers or other Skalar products, please contact Skalar Analytical BV.