The PrimacsATC Total Carbon Analyzer for solid samples

The analysis of Carbon is one of the most important parameters analyzed in soil & plant, sediment, sludge, and many others. The Skalar PrimacsATC Analyzer allows fast and accurate analysis of Total Carbon by high temperature catalytic combustion.

Primacs ATC Total Carbon Analyzer

Operating Principle

The samples are weighed into re-usable quartz crucibles and loaded onto the integrated auto sampler. The analytical balance is interfaced with the software, which allows sample weights to be transferred automatically to the work list by a simple mouse click.

Flow diagram of the Primacs ATCThe unique vertical "bottom-to-top" sample introduction system lifts the samples into the high temperature combustion oven. At 1050°C the samples are oxidized and the carbon in the sample is converted into CO2. The CO2 is measured by Near Infra Red Detection (NDIR). The software displays the peaks in real-time and the results can easily be printed or exported to a LIMS system. After complete combustion, the sample crucible is automatically removed from the oven. Any remains of the sample are removed from the combustion zone with the crucible, so no ash build-up will occur which reduces maintenance on the instrument.
The combination of a high temperature combustion oven with a sensitive dual-range Infrared detector allows the PrimacsATC to analyze samples containing carbon concentrations from low ppm levels to % levels.

Analyzing both solid and liquid samples The PrimacsATC can also be used to analyze liquid samples. A three step water-removal assures complete removal of condensate which allows liquid, sediment and sludge samples to be analyzed accurately. This makes the PrimacsATC the perfect tool to automate a variety of analysis on a wide application range of solid and liquid samples. The high degree of automation assures an increased accuracy and considerable cost saving.

The PrimacsATC complies with international regulations such as ISO 10694, EN 13137 and EN 13639.

Typical applications

  • Soil, plant and fertilizer samples
  • Waste incinerators
  • Sludges and sediments
  • Waste water plants
  • Cement industry
  • Mining industry
  • Strong acids and alkaline solutions

If you require more information regarding the PrimacsATC, do not hesitate to contact us.