The SA1075 Random Access auto sampler

For many years Skalar has provided a wide range of automation concepts and solutions in wet-chemistry automation. In many laboratories, sample numbers are increasing and therefore the demand to run large sample batches is steadily growing. To facilitate this requirement for large sample batches, Skalar is pleased to introduce its new SA1075 autosampler as the latest addition to Skalar’s range of automatic wet chemistry analyzers.

This new auto sampler carries up to 540 samples, divided over 9 racks of 60 samples each. In addition there are 26 positions is available in a separate tray for QC samples, working standards or drift control samples. These positions can hold up to 35 ml each. The SA1075 can be equipped with a total of 4 sample needles to allow the simultaneous analysis of samples with different matrices or with different sample pretreatment procedures. In this case, up to three rinsing valves can be integrated to supply different rinsing liquids to the chemistry manifolds to eliminate matrix interferences.

An auto-dilution station is also available, allowing the automatic dilution of samples before as well as after the analysis (pre and post dilutions). Furthermore, with the dilution station the working standards can be prepared automatically.

In case you need to integrate sample vials with specific dimensions, the SA1075 can be fully customized to fit your sample vials and sample racks.


  • Up to 540 samples, divided over 9 racks of 60 samples each 
  • Up to 26 positions for QC Samples (Working Standards, Drift Control Standards etc...) 
  • Integrated auto-dilution station
  • Up to four needles 
  • Up to three independent rinsing liquid supplies 
  • 2 Built-in rinsing pumps 
  • Optional sample mixing devices 
  • Customized sample racks and sample vials