Total and Free Cyanide analysis with amperometric detection

For many laboratories the analysis of Total Cyanides is one of the most complex and labor intensive applications. Due to Skalar’s continuing research and development on automating manual wet-chemistry procedures, a wide range of solutions for Cyanide analysis is currently available from Skalar.

The automation of Total Cyanide with in-line UV digestion, in-line distillation and colorimetric measurement according ISO 14403 and EPA 335.3 is successfully serving many laboratories worldwide. Recently Skalar has implemented the method for analyzing Available Cyanide according EPA-1677 with amperometric detection and now Skalar has also implemented the method for analyzing Free and Total Cyanide with gasdiffusion and amperometric detection according ISO 14403 ANNEX B.

San++ Automated Wet Chemistry Analyzer

Integrated Amperometrical Detector
Integrated Amperometrical Detector
Complex bound cyanide is decomposed by exposure to UV light in an acidic environment. The sample is transported to the dialyzer and acidified to form free cyanide which diffuses through a membrane into an alkaline recipient stream. The free cyanide in the recipient stream is measured amperometrically with a silver working electrode and silver/silver chloride reference electrode.

The analytical range of the method is 1 - 700 µg/L and has a correlation of 0.99983.

The performance on recovery is checked using the ISO 14403 regulation: "Water quality - Determination of total cyanide and free cyanide by continuous flow analysis". In this regulation several performance checks are listed to test the recovery on complex bound cyanides. The results on these recovery checks can be found in the table below.

CompoundStandard (ppb)Result (ppb)Recovery (%)Recovery acc. ISO (%)
K3[Fe(CN)6]100100.26100.26> 90%
K3[Fe(CN)6]10099.7299.72> 90%
K3[Fe(CN)6]10099.8899.88> 90%

By adding this latest Total and Free Cyanide application based on amperometric detection Skalar now offers a complete set of certified and ISO-EPA recognized solutions for Total, Free, Available Cyanide, Weak Acid Dissociable Cyanide and Thiocyanate analysis.

If you require more information regarding the analysis of cyanide, do not hesitate to contact us.